Vaper’s Tongue – What Is It and How To Fix The Issue?

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Vaper’s Tongue 

Vaper’s tongue is a type of condition where the taste buds present in the tongue of the vapers will lose their ability to taste the flavor of the vaping liquid. This condition is common in almost all vapers and will occur once in a while, based on the frequency of vaping e-cigarettes. It will normally last for not more than 2 to 3 days.

Getting Rid of Vaper’s Tongue 

You can find many solutions for treating vaper’s tongue issues. If you follow them strictly, then you can regain the lost tasting sense of your tongue within a day or two. Here are some of the tips for getting rid of the vaper’s tongue.

  • Drink as much water as possible 

Vaping will normally make your lungs feel dry, especially if you are a continuous vaper. The best way of taking care of this issue is by keeping your body as hydrated as possible. The frequency of your vaping will decide the frequency with which you should drink water. Staying hydrated will even help with taking care of many other issues as well.

  • Vape unflavored Liquids 

If you get a vaper’s tongue anytime, then the best way of taking care of this problem is by vaping the e-liquids that are prepared without any flavor. It is the best way of compensating for your vaping habit when you get a vaper’s tongue.

  • Cut back alcohol and caffeine intake 

Alcoholic beverages and caffeine can make your tongue feel dry, which in turn results in a vaper’s tongue. Hence, cut back on the daily intake of caffeine or alcoholic beverages, if you feel like your tongue has become unflavored.

  • Keep your tongue clean 

Constant washing of your tongue after each time you vape e-liq can reduce the chances of the development of the vaper’s tongue in the vapers.

  • Switch between e-juices 

Vaping the same flavored e-juice can result in making your tongue go numb to the e-juice flavor. The best way of taking care of this problem is by switching between the e-juice flavors once in a while.

  • Take breaks between vaping 

Keep a break of at least a few days to weeks if possible, in between vaping your favorite juices. This will reduce the chances of you suffering from vaper’s tongue anytime soon.

Vaper’s tongue is a condition that every e-cigarette suffers from at one or the other time in their life. Following these above-mentioned tips will reduce the chances of you suffering from the vaper’s tongue issue anytime in your life.