Organic Baby Formula: Everything A New Parent Should Know

Every parent wishes to give their baby nothing but the best, especially when it comes to food. There are fortunately many good companies that produce good quality and healthy baby formulas. However, when it comes to choosing one, new parents always seem to get overwhelmed with the available options.

Multiple options and mixed reviews are the reason why some parents prefer sticking to organic baby formula. After all, it does seem like a safer option. If you don’t know much about organic baby formulas, here we have covered everything for you.

Why do parents prefer organic baby formula?

Parents who want to reduce their child’s exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides, eventually switch to organic foods. All the baby formulas are monitored well by the FDA, but if a company produces organic baby formula, they require to follow special federal guidelines to obtain certification.

Also, organic formulas are created using only the certified processing methods and ingredients. Most of these formulas are GMO-free and contain zero prohibited substances. Sadly, some companies don’t follow these norms, but then there are even companies like Organic’s Best which take a lot of care. Since they are a family-owned business, they understand your concern and thereby help you in giving the baby a healthy start in life.

What exactly does Organic Baby Formula contain?

Well, when we consider the rules and regulations, we know what organic baby formulas don’t contain – traces of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, corn syrup solids, vitamins from petroleum, etc. However, what these formulas exactly contain is a tricky question. The thing is, the contents of organic baby formula vary from brand to brand. This is the reason why most experts suggest reading labels and a list of ingredients thoroughly.

Usually, any organic formula will have a milk base of cow or goat. Also, there are a few additives like prebiotics, probiotics, DHA, ARA, etc. present in organic formulas. There is even Whey Protein added to organic formulas to show its resemblance to breast milk. In simple words, high-quality organic formulas will contain no preservatives, additives, and flavors like the normal formulas do.

Certain companies add corn syrup as it is a source of carbohydrates, but it is best if you avoid these formulas. Similarly, try to avoid formula milk, which contains palm oil as a source of fat. Instead, buy the one which has sunflower or safflower oil, since they are both better quality carbs and fats.

Choosing the right baby formula brand

There are plenty of organic formula brands on the market today, and each company is trying to create the best baby formula. To ensure you are giving your baby the healthiest formula, stick to a brand that includes the best ingredients in their product. Every organic baby formula on the market is different, and so is every baby in the world. So, buy a formula that meets your baby’s needs perfectly.

Lastly, keep in mind that the term organic does not mean a particular product is all-natural. The thing is, there are a few additives that are necessary for baby formula and these additives are only developed synthetically. So, don’t confuse yourself, and simply stick to high-quality brands to ensure you are getting value for money.