Choosing coffee beans: 6 hacks that Starbucks won’t tell you

If you fancy Starbucks coffee but prefer to make tours at home instead, you are not very far off from imitating the various recipe collection of the huge coffee franchise. All you need do is to read through these 6 best-kept hacks that they don’t want you to know. Many coffee lovers are usually at a loss at what coffee beans they should buy. The following hacks help you choose your coffee beans the Starbucks way. These 6 easy hacks show you how.

1)         Know what you need: There are two primary types of coffee beans that are sold commercially. These are the Arabica and the Robusta. If you know what you like in coffee, you will know how to choose your coffee beans like a professional. The Arabica comes with a slightly acidic and smooth taste, while the Robusta cones with a strong and butter taste. Arabica is thought to be more of high quality but this depends on the growth process. So your quest for high-quality coffee starts here.

2)         Choose your beans according to your tastes: With a lot of specialty coffee beans in the market, you need to choose wisely according to your tastes. For a smooth tasting coffee, you should choose light-coloured and dry coffee beans. They are roasted for a shorter timeframe with coffee brews that are far from bitter. If you like a coffee with a strong taste then you need to go for coffee that has been roasted for a long time.

3)         How much caffeine do you want your coffee to have?: Contrary to mainstream beliefs, dark roasted specialty coffee beans have lower caffeine levels compared to medium or light roasts. The light roasted contains the highest amount of caffeine. This means that if you need more caffeine, you should choose between the medium and the lightly roasted beans.

4)         Buying your beans from a good coffee roaster: You should think about buying your specialty coffee beans from a well-respected roaster. This means that you have a higher chance of getting coffee beans of high quality. This is the easiest way to ensure that your morning coffee is decent and without any flaws.

5)         Never fail to look for the roast date: The best approach to choosing the best coffee beans usually means that you check for the date that the beans were roasted. This will give you an idea of the roast date for you to ascertain the possibility of getting quality coffee from that beans. Always buy coffee beans rather than ground coffee. You can buy your coffee grinder or get the cafe or the supermarket to grind the entire bag for you. Do not buy any coffee bags that are stocked as ground since you are not sure if they have been treated properly.

6)         Do not purchase coffee beans that come with the “100% coffee” label: You can easily see coffee beans that have the label – 100% coffee or 100% Arabica. While Arabica always produces the best coffee beans, never completely trust these labels. These Arabica beans are not processed with the same machines and methods. Try to check the varietal of the coffee. All packaged coffee beans do not come with this information. You have a higher chance of getting quality coffee from packages that have such labels compared to those that do not have them. The varietal is not a guarantee for high-quality coffee, but attention to this ensure that you care about the contents of your coffee beans towards getting high-quality coffee drinks.