Supplementing with Whey – Essential for Muscle Growth and Strength Gain

For everyone who visits the gym or follows a workout routine, protein becomes a very important part of their diet. Vegetarians cannot just rely on the sources of protein from their diet because, while legumes and pulses have good protein content in them, many vegetarian sources are not complete protein.

You cannot rely on soy products for your entire protein needs because they can cause a rise in oestrogen levels in the body, which can stall any progress you have ever made.

You must look out for a reliable protein brand such as MYO band protein that has high protein content, a good BCCA ratio, and fewer additives in the form of sugar and sugar substitutes. Many famous athletes and bodybuilders consume this protein, and they rely on it to supplement most of their protein needs.

Whey is the best choice in the category of external proteins that we can add to our diet easily. Whey is obtained from milk when it is curdled to form cheese. During the curdling process, the leftover liquid contains a high concentration of whey, which is extracted and converted into protein powder.

Importance of consuming protein in our daily diet                            

Many people who have never consumed external sources of protein such as whey protein powders often question their reliability and the necessity of consuming them. Here we will list out the reasons that make proteins an indispensable part of our diet:

  • Protein is a macronutrient just like fats and carbohydrates and is responsible for the building of new cells and tissues in our body.
  • This is why proteins are called the building blocks in our body.
  • Protein is responsible for the formation of many important hormones and enzymes in our body, which in turn carry out major biochemical reactions that are essential for our normal functioning.
  • In muscle tissues, protein makes the contractile elements Actin and Myosin that enables us to make various movements.
  • The BCCAs present in whey promotes muscle growth and at the same time prevents exercise fatigue to help you keep up with your exercise routine.
  • Breast milk, which is considered ideal for a child’s development, also has 60% whey.

Therefore, protein is important for muscle building, but the protein source must have a complete set of all 9 essential amino acids. Most of the vegetarian sources lack the complete amino acid profile and have almost no source of BCCA.

Therefore, whey becomes an essential supplement that each one of us should add to our diets without much speculation about its benefits.

The only contraindication to the use of whey is when someone with lactose intolerance consumes it because whey is derived from milk and retains its lactose content in it. It is otherwise the safest way to introduce protein into your diet.