What Are the Signs That Tell You Need Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a branch of medical treatment, which deals with the prevention of injury, rehab, complete fitness and healing sustainably. The foundation of physio is movement. Physio addresses the issues and disabilities, which lead to injuries and once healed, physio also helps the patients to recover and restore their old vigour and strength.

There are many techniques and combinations of techniques involved in physio. It incorporates massages and exercises. These techniques are applied once the diagnosis is done which tells what treatment does the patient wants. A diagnosis is very important before any physical treatment because only it will be able to tell what treatment will restore a normal routine.

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Signs that you need physiotherapy

1- Loss of balance- one of the major reasons for losing balance can be some issue in the inner ear. The insides of your ear form a very crucial part of the vestibular system which manages the balance of the body. If there is a disturbance in the inner ear, it would surely be reflected in the misbalance of your body.

The symptoms include dizziness, balance disturbance, vertigo, etc. It becomes extremely difficult to put up with such issues. Vestibular rehabilitation is very helpful in overcoming such issues and is a great alternative to surgeries of the ear.

2- Pain at the desk- if you are in a sedentary job or live an overall sedentary lifestyle, then it is highly like that you will suffer from back pains. Since our bodies like to move, keeping the same posture for longer times can cause the muscles and joints to strain and cause pain. It is always advisable to take regular breaks from the desk.

You must ensure that the desk is of proper height. Having an ergonomic chair also helps in preventing backache. The physio is very effective against backache as it incorporates healing exercises.

3- Constant pain- when you suffer from an injury, it is bound to cause pain for some time. However, with time, the pain should wither away, but if this does not happen, then it can be a warning sign. This phenomenon is common in the lower back and pain in the neck. Physiotherapy is greatly efficient in curing such pain.


Physio includes pain education, massages, targeted exercise and rehab programme which is bound to heal you and relieve you from the extant pain. This makes physio a great option to choose among the healing techniques.