Guide To have Energy Orgasm

As modern man is getting more and more tuned into tantra and conscious sex practices, there are few ideas more attractive and captivating than the possibility to have endless orgasms just by tapping into one’s energy system. The ultimate in tantric sex is a form of sex that’s unlike any other. This is a comprehensive guide on how to have energy orgasms with your partner as well.

What is an Energy Orgasm?

Energy orgasm is an activity that can be shared with a partner and/or alone. It involves the separation between the orgasm experience and the stimulation required for a physical peak. While you may be able only to experience physical climaxing a handful of times during a specific session of sexual play (for others, it might happen only once or nothing at all), anyone can orgasm energetically more than once. You can orgasm even without sexual contact. It’s as simple as tapping into that river of pleasure.

How to achieve energy orgasm

  1. First, be open-minded to possibilities.

The fundamental idea behind energy orgasm is that each of us has this potent stream Eros within, this life force, sexual, creative energy that runs and animates our being at all times. Although we have this flow at all times, unfortunately, it isn’t socially acceptable to go into an orgasmic swoon any time of the day or evening. As such, we try to control our energy systems and keep our minds clear of the situation.

Because of a variety of factors, most people only know how they can access orgasmic gas when their genitals and ovaries are stimulated. Some need greater stimulation than others to achieve this level of energy expansion and flow. For others, accessing orgasmic energy is still frustratingly challenging even with physical stimulation. This may be due to the mind being too stubborn and clinging on. This could be due either to past traumas or feeling unsafe in your body.

A mind-gasm, or energy orgasm, can also be called “mindgasm”. This refers to the ability to let go of your mind and allow the energy of this orgasm to flow through. The majority of people don’t “let” themselves access it via genital stimulator, but once they realize it is possible, the power of this orgasmic flow becomes infinitely more available.

2. Get into the habit of eating foodgasm.

Did you ever experience a “foodgasm”? An easy and benign way to experience energy orgasms is through your sense of taste. Simply give each other small bites of delicious food and then watch as they go into an ecstatic reverie.

For some, it’s easier to connect with the free-flowing erotic energies if they’re with a partner. But, you can also blissfully indulge in your own self-pleasure practices, with or not genital touching. It can be so profoundly liberating to connect with your own inner sensuality.

3. What does it feel to have an energy orgasm?

Although we are familiar with “climax”, orgasm is often associated with quick bursts of fireworks. However, there are many trippy orgasmic states where you can let your hair down. They are less about a destination and more about exploring a vast, mysterious land. Your mind is where the switch is flipped.

This practice can also be very sexually awakening. It can connect you with latent dreams and visions.

4.     You will eventually find energy orgasms everywhere.

Once you’re comfortable with it, you will find that there are no limits to how many times you can tap into this flow of eros. You can use your energy anywhere you want, including the bathroom, the meditation cushion, the floor or while waiting for your tea to boil. Your body and your subtle energy system are treasure troves full of wonder. You can tap into this unlimited sense of life force at any time. It can recharge you, relax, turn you on and inspire you to creativity and overflowing vitality in any moment.