Do Whole Body Vibration Machines Helps You in Weight Loss?

The popularity of vibration machines has increased enormously everywhere these days. These vibration machines are also known as shaking machines or vibration plates. Some of these are meant for gyms while others are meant for home use.

According to researchers, 20 mins whole body vibration, three to four times a week can help you in losing weight. It also helps improve blood flow, burn fat and lower stress hormones. So far, studies suggest WBV or whole-body vibration may enhance and improve the health advantages from physical exercise like swimming or walking.

Some studies suggest that WBV can increase muscular strength and aids weight reduction when combined with calorie restriction. When you use the vibration machine properly under medical supervision, you can experience the benefits such as:

  • Lowers Back Pain
  • Reduces Bone Loss
  • Improves Strength

There are plenty of brands which sell these vibration machines. They range from extremely affordable and lower quality to very high quality with a long-lasting guarantee. To understand which brands are best on market, you can check reviews online. Check Lifetimevibe online to find the best vibration machines. To reduce weight and be in better shape, eat well and get some exercise in your daily routine.

If you pick WBV, don’t forget to combine it with cardio and strength-training exercises. As with any exercise, you should ┬ácheck with your doctor before using WBV techniques or therapy, especially pregnant women and people with serious health issues.

What are the benefits of Whole-body vibration machines?

WBV devices have been shown in certain studies to provide a variety of health advantages, including weight loss and muscular growth. More study is needed, however, to determine their usefulness in comparison to other exercise activities.

  • Weight Loss: According to studies, whole body vibration resulted in a significant fat loss.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure: According to 2012 research, one source studied the impact of vibration training on blood pressure and arterial stiffness in ten overweight women. According to their research women who received vibration training exhibited a substantial reduction in blood pressure at the end of six weeks.
  • Improved Body Composition: With consistent use of WBV, you can see improvement in body fat levels and skin condition, because of improved blood flow, oxygen, and lymphatic circulation.

The frequency and power of the vibrations determines how much energy your body consumes, along with how long you enjoy standing on the machine.. Are vibration machines safe? Yes, studies show side effects are very rare. However, it is always better to know how to use it properly to experience its benefits. Look especially for a product that includes a detailed exercise book to explain options for the best use of the machine.