All you need to know about dab tools

In the last few years, cannabis has taken off with dabbing. The rapid rise in demand for concentrates has created a new way to use cannabis. This article will cover all the necessary tools to make the most of cannabis concentrates.

Nails are more important than the rig. Nails are basically a flat, shallow tray that slides into the bottom of your dab accessories. They are the components to which you apply heat.

There are two main types to choose from when using a dab accessories:

Fingernails with dome

These nails will require an additional piece, called a dome. It slides over the top of the heated nail to evenly distribute heat.

To heat a nail with a dome, heat it to desired temperature. Place the dome over the nail. Add your concentrate to the hot nail. Pull in the vapour.

Domeless nails

Domeless nail do not require domes, just as the name implies. Instead, they have a bigger dish and an opening in its center through which vapor can flow into the device.

Many dabbers now prefer dab accessories. The larger dishes make it easier to hit larger dabs. Domeless nail heating is much easier than using a dome to cover it.

In the absence of a vapor dome, it is very common to use carb caps with a domed nail. The carb cap is placed on top the nail while the concentrate is bubbling, vaporizing and then is removed from the nail when it’s time to clear the vapor. This creates an area of heat that allows you use your vaporizer at lower temperatures to obtain a cleaner, more flavorful experience.

Another factor to be considered is the material used for the dab nails. Here are the most common options for concentration consumers.

Steel nails

Titanium nails have a metal appearance, so they heat quickly. They are also extremely strong and resistant to breaking. The downside is that you might see titanium oxide buildups from prolonged use. This could affect your nail’s ability to perform well. There is also the possibility that titanium nails could release harmful contaminants at high temperatures. It is important to use a dab-nail made of medical-grade titanium 2 if you choose to go titanium.

Ceramic nails take the longest to heat but retain heat better than other types. Ceramic nails are more susceptible to cracks or breaking because of their inherent fragility. Ceramic nails are safe for your weed vapor because they are medical-, food-, and food-grade products.

Quartz nails

Quartz nails, often called quartz bangers or quartz nail, heat quickly but lose heat quickly. Quartz nails are best kept warm by using a carb cap. Quartz nails are extremely safe and don’t leach harmful contaminants like ceramic.

Glass nails

Glass nails are less durable than other types of nails. They can break or crack at high temperatures required for dabbing. Glass nails can be the most affordable and retain heat quite well. You should replace broken glass nails if they break if you reapply frequently.