Why your Cafe Should Install a Milk Rinser?

Ever been to a cafe only to look at the machine and see 100 years of calcified milk? It’s happened, and it can make your stomach turn knowing the extent of the bacteria beneath. (It’s important to note that we’re not face mask-wearing, rubber glove-wearing hygiene freaks. We just don’t want our coffee to cause many serious diseases.

The bottom line here is that steam wands in espresso machines must be cleaned after every use. Most feel that they are too busy and will leave it to the person who finishes cleaning the machine after the last drink. This is unacceptable. Every manager and the owner should be vigilant about cleaning the steam wands of their espresso machine. You need to clean your steam wand between each use because the milk drys quickly after the frothing process. Milk can become caked on and in a matter of hours, bacteria will be ingested into the fresh milk.

Local councils are tightening their controls on steam wand cleaning. They are also on the lookout for cafes that take too much care in cleaning the steam wands. Some steam wands can be steel-plated with copper underneath. Another health risk is created when the steel coating begins to wear down with the use of a scouring pad. You should not ingest copper fragments with milk.

You can solve all hygiene problems by wiping the steam wands with your cloth after each use. You can clear blocked holes with a paperclip. Make sure to clean them every day, even if the tips are coming off.

Steam wands can be cleaned with a specific cloth. Clever cafes use an illegible system that uses a color-coded system. So, for example, the green cloth is used on the benches and white cloth for the steam tools. This is to ensure that your steamer wand doesn’t get stained by a dirty cloth on the bench.

Wipe cloths contain bacteria so rinse them and soak them in bleach or a cleaner every day.

Coffee Cups

Espresso will stain your coffee cups over time, especially if you use white cups. It is difficult to get rid of all this grime (which can harbor bacteria) in busy cafes. A percentage of the cups should be soaked overnight in an OZO bleaching solution. Soak a new batch each night to make sure you rotate the cups. A similar process can be used for saucers and plates.

Coffee-tech has evolved at an incredible rate. This means that cafes have a constant supply of new must-have gadgets. While some might seem extravagant and leave you wondering if there is any point to the gadget, others can revolutionize cafe operations and make it faster and easier for customers to enjoy a better cup. The milk rinser is one of our favorite gadgets at Machina.

coffee milk jug rinser allows the ability to effectively clean milk-steaming containers during service. The sanitary preparation of steaming jugs is important to ensure consistent quality frothed.

The idea is simple but elegant. This method cleans and cools milk jugs. You can press a milk pitcher onto the nozzle star. The rinser sprays clean, cool water into your jug. After cooling off, you can steam the next batch of milk.

This clever invention is more than a luxury item. This milk rinser, which is a genius invention, should be included in your cafe’s essential equipment such as a good tamper and mat, quality scales, and milk pitchers.

The cleaning of milk jugs can be done faster and more efficiently.

You don’t have to go back to the sink or use a simple milk wastage bucket to dispose of the milk. Toss the milk in the rinser and wash it off quickly.

It Is Cleaner.

Don’t pour milk down the drain. This can cause blockages (and odors). A waste bucket lets the milk sit and ferment for several days.

This Makes Your Operational Workflow Easier.

Clean milk pitchers, storage area for your milk pitchers. Cooling of pitchers before steaming the milk. This will allow you to be more focused on important things like coffee.

What Should You Look In Milk Rinsers?

There are many brands to choose from, with varying prices. The best models don’t cost too much. A simple, inexpensive rinser will accomplish the same task and also save you money. We stock a variety of affordable models that are used in our cafes.